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Viessmann manufacture some of the leading boiler products available and have a reputation for reliable boilers that are also environmentally-friendly. They currently offer consumers a wide range of boilers which use different fuels including one oil-fired boiler model called the Vitoplus 300. Regular, system and combination boilers can be powered by gas or oil, but where natural gas is unavailable due to certain circumstances, oil may be the preferred fuel. In these situations, oil-fired boilers are ideal. Oil-fired boilers can be extremely efficient, user-friendly and highly reliable. Viessmann are dedicated to manufacturing reliable products using high-tech materials and procedures. Their products are subsequently tested to ensure durability and designed to be as easy to install, operate and maintain as possible.

Viessmann's single oil-fired boiler, the Vitoplus 300 is a wall mounted condensing boiler. It runs at a maximum output of 24kW and has a very high gross efficiency of 94% and a standard efficiency of up to 104%. The Vitoplus has numerous advantages built-in to cater to the consumer's needs. It has a flue gas silencer to keep noise down, a large water capacity of 16 litres which optimises burner utilisation and its modular design makes the Vitoplus easy to install, maintain and service. Furthermore, this Viessmann boiler has a smooth stainless steel surface which acts together with the vertical flow to generate a self-cleaning effect. This stainless steel alloy used in the boiler is very resistant to corrosion and this adds to the reliability and durability of this high-performing, energy-efficient Viessmann boiler.